Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HELLO Bloggies!!!

Bang… Finally I reached the realms of blog-o-sphere! What held me back so long? It should be one of these things. Lack of interest, lack of resources, lack of matter, writer’s block! phew… well whatever! I really think this could be an outlet for my views (like anyone cares ;-)) and thoughts and may be a stress buster too. So welcome all!! Feel free to express yourself in the comments section, whatever it may be…


  1. Yals,

    It wasn't lack of interest or matter or resources or writers' block (are you kidding me???) It was plain laziness... Nevertheless, I'm happy to have you here in blogosphere...


  2. hi.. i think it was a blogger's block.. or like sandy mentioned writer's block... it happens to me and im still in that zone..

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