Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PG – Paradise Gained!

I recently shifted to a house (my long kept wish) from a PG (Paying Guest- A place where you pay a huge sum for a bed and some peanuts and will definitely not be treated as anywhere close to a guest but like a pest)! PG life is something everyone should go through. That was a very good experience for me especially because I was a day scholar in college and I missed out all the fun of hostel life. I was really lucky to get into a PG which was just like a college hostel. Having stayed there for around a year I know the nuances to adjust with total strangers.

All PGs have an unsaid rule. It will have at least two or three girls who comes back late at night (late I mean people is one or two at night), two or three girls who takes at least an hour to shower and more than an hour if they have to wash their hair:-O ( It’s still a mystery what they do inside the bathroom, for girls like me who can’t take more than fifteen minutes how much ever we try.. trust me I do take a proper satisfactory bath… Now perverts stop thinking and move on) and two or three girls who wash their hair daily :-(

But in spite of all the difference we had, it was great to be with the four sharing roosters and the five sharing hoppers (forgot how we ended up naming ourselves like that) Gone are the days where we had to manage the gossips about the girl-next-bed, the long lasting talks till midnight, the marathon of card games ( I still remember when P cut her boyfriend’s call pretending that there is no signal just to beat us in the next round of an ACE game ) , the spooky stories about the unoccupied haunted bungalow next street, the college experiences, boy friend problems, Indian politics and cricket. (Trust me guys.. we do hit such intelligent conversations in the midst of gossips) Oh and how can I forget aliens and the cosmic space behind… Aliens are living among us and it is totally super human to become an achiever like an Elvis Presley or an A R Rahman or as a matter of fact a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates ;-) and yeah even the technologies we have like wireless and sensors are alien’s contribution to earth, who are living among us, tacitly convincing ourselves that we are not achievers coz we are just human beings.

But in the heart of hearts I wanted to move alone into a house free of all troubles and commotions. Now I am in a place where I wanted to live and the way I wanted to live… But I miss you my roosters and hoppers…

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